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Coal Industry Act 1992 (c. 17)

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Coal Industry Act 1992

1992 CHAPTER 17

An Act to make provision for extending the duration of, and increasing the limit on, grants under section 3 of the Coal Industry Act 1987 and to repeal the Coal Mines Regulation Act 1908.

[6th March 1992]

Be it enacted by the Queen's most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:--

1 Further grants for workforce redeployment and reduction etc

(1) Section 3 of the [1987 c. 3.] Coal Industry Act 1987 (grants to British Coal Corporation towards expenditure on workforce redeployment and reduction etc. in respect of costs falling to be charged to accounts in respect of relevant financial years) shall be amended as follows.

(2) In subsection (4)(a) (which defines "relevant financial year" as a year ending not later than March 1993) for the words "March 1993" there shall be substituted the words "March 1996".

(3) In subsection (6) (aggregate grants not to exceed £1,250 million or, if an order so provides, £1,500 million) for the words "ВЈ1,250 million" there shall be substituted the words "ВЈ2,500 million" and for the words "ВЈ1,500 million" there shall be substituted the words "ВЈ3,000 million".

2 Repeal of Coal Mines Regulation Act 1908

The [1908 c. 57.] Coal Mines Regulation Act 1908 (which makes provision for limiting hours of work below ground) shall cease to have effect.

3 Citation, repeals, commencement and extent

(1) This Act may be cited as the Coal Industry Act 1992.

(2) This Act and the Coal Industry Acts 1946 to 1990 may be cited together as the Coal Industry Acts 1946 to 1992.

(3) The enactments mentioned in the Schedule to this Act are repealed to the extent specified in the third column of that Schedule.

(4) Section 2 above, Part II of the Schedule to this Act and so much of subsection (3) above as relates to that Part shall not come into force until such day as the Secretary of State may appoint by an order made by statutory instrument; and any such order may appoint different days for the coming into force of those provisions in relation to different cases and contain such transitional provisions as the Secretary of State thinks necessary or expedient.

(5) This Act does not extend to Northern Ireland.

Section 3(3).


Part I Repeal Consequential on Section 1

ChapterShort titleExtent of repeal
1990 c. 3.The Coal Industry Act 1990.Section 2.

Part II Repeals Consequential on Section 2

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ChapterShort titleExtent of repeal
8 Edw.7 c. 57.The Coal Mines Regulation Act 1908.The whole Act.
7 & 8 Geo.5 c. 8.The Coal Mines Regulation (Amendment) Act 1917.The whole Act.
9 & 10 Geo.5 c. 48.The Coal Mines Act 1919.The whole Act.
21 & 22 Geo.5 c. 27.The Coal Mines Act 1931.The whole Act.
22 & 23 Geo.5 c. 29.The Coal Mines Act 1932.The whole Act.
2 & 3 Eliz.2 c. 70.The Mines and Quarries Act 1954.Section 187.
In Schedule 4, the entry relating to the Coal Mines Regulation Act 1908.
1975 c. 65.The Sex Discrimination Act 1975.Section 21(2).
1986 c. 48.The Wages Act 1986.In Schedule 4, paragraphs 1 to 3.

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