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Statutory Instrument 1994 No. 2110 (L. 11)

The County Court (Forms) (Amendment No. 2) Rules 1994

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1994 No. 2110 (L. 11)


The County Court (Forms) (Amendment No. 2) Rules 1994

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Made6th August 1994
Coming into force
 Rule 21st September 1994
 Remainder1st October 1994

          1.—(1)  These Rules may be cited as the County Court (Forms) (Amendment No. 2) Rules 1994.

          (2)  In these Rules, a form referred to by number means the form so numbered in the Schedule to the County Court (Forms) Rules 1982[1] and "the main Schedule" means that Schedule.
          2.    There shall be inserted in the main Schedule, after Forms N.30 and N.30(1) respectively, the forms N.30(CCBC) (Judgment for plaintiff (in default)) and N.30(1)(CCBC) (Judgment for plaintiff (acceptance of offer)) contained in Schedule 1 to these Rules.
          3.    There shall be substituted in the main Schedule, for Forms N.24, N.36, N.58, N.59, N.60, N.63, N.64A, N.65, N.67 and N.118, the forms contained in Schedule 2 to these Rules.
          4.    In Forms N.22, N.23, N.25, N.30, N.30(1)-(3), N.32, N.32(1)-(5), N.33 and N.34, for the words from "You will have" down to "will be removed" where those words appear in the Take Notice section of each of the said Forms, there shall be substituted the following—
        "If you pay in full within one month of judgment the entry will be removed. You must ask the court to do this. You will need to give the court proof of payment and pay a fee.".
          5.    In Form N.1(SPC), for the words "You have 22 days from the date of this postmark to reply." there shall be substituted "You have 22 days from the date of issue of this summons to reply.".
          6.    In Form N.20, for the figure "£400" there shall be substituted "£1,000".
          7.    The ALTERNATIVE DISPOSAL section in Form N.79 shall be amended as follows—
         (a) for the words from "The order is suspended" to "so long as", there shall be substituted "The order is suspended until            19           and will not be put into effect if during that time";
         (b) after the words "proved be adjourned", there shall be inserted "until            19          "; and
         (c) after the words "decision if", there shall be inserted "during that time".

    The undersigned members of the Rule Committee, appointed by the Lord Chancellor under section 75 of the County Courts Act 1984[2], having made these Rules, certify them and submit them to the Lord Chancellor.

    Hugh Jones

    Neil Butter

    Helen Paling

    J. H. Wroath

    Margaret Wilby

    W. A . Vincent

    Peter Birts

    Henrietta Manners

    E. C. Gee

    I allow these Rules, which shall come into force on 1st October 1994, except rule 2, which shall come into force on 1st September 1994.

    Mackay of Clashfern , C.

    Dated 6th August 1994


    [1] S.I. 1982/586; the relevant amendments are S.I. 1985/567; 1990/517; 1991/1132; 1992/794, 2040 and 1993/712 and 2174.

    [2] 1984 c. 28; section 75 was amended by the Courts and Legal Services Act 1990 (c. 41), sections 2(4), 16, and Schedule 18, paragraph 47.

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