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Statutory Instrument 1999 No. 2170

The Environmental Protection (Restriction on Use of Lead Shot) (England) Regulations 1999

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1999 No. 2170


The Environmental Protection (Restriction on Use of Lead Shot) (England) Regulations 1999

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 Made29th July 1999 
 Laid before Parliament3rd August 1999 
 Coming into force1st September 1999 

The Secretary of State-

        having consulted the committee established[1] under section 140(5) of the Environmental Protection Act 1990[2];

        having published a notice in the London Gazette as required by section 140(6)(b) of that Act;

        having considered the representations made to him in accordance with that notice;

        considering it appropriate to make these Regulations for the purpose of preventing the substance or articles specified in them from causing pollution of the environment and harm to the health of animals; in exercise of the powers conferred on him by section 140[3] of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, and of all other powers enabling him in that behalf, hereby makes the following Regulations:

    Citation, commencement and extent
        1. - (1) These Regulations may be cited as the Environmental Protection (Restriction on Use of Lead Shot) (England) Regulations 1999 and shall come into force on 1st September 1999.

        (2) These Regulations shall extend to England only.

        2.In these Regulations-

          "authorised person" means a person authorised under regulation 4(1) below;

          "lead shot" means any shot made of-

        (a) lead, or

        (b) any alloy or compound of lead where lead comprises more than 1% of that alloy or compound;

        "premises" includes any land, vehicle or vessel, but does not include premises used for residential purposes;

            "shot gun" means a smooth-bore gun but does not include any shot gun chambered for 9 millimetre or smaller rim-fire cartridges;

            "site of special scientific interest" means an area of land notified under section 28(1) of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981[4];

            "wild bird" means any bird of a kind which is ordinarily resident in or is a visitor to England in a wild state.

    Prohibition on use of cartridges containing lead shot
        3.No person shall use lead shot for the purpose of shooting with a shot gun-

      (a) on or over any area below high-water mark of ordinary spring tides;

      (b) on or over any site of special scientific interest included in Schedule 1 to these Regulations; or

      (c) any wild bird included in Schedule 2 to these Regulations.

    Powers of entry to determine whether the Regulations are being, or have been, complied with
        4. - (1) A person who appears suitable to the Secretary of State may be authorised in writing by the Secretary of State to exercise, in accordance with the terms of the authorisation, any of the powers specified in paragraph (2) below for the purpose of determining whether any provision of these Regulations is being, or has been, complied with.

        (2) The powers which an authorised person may be authorised to exercise under paragraph (1) above are-

      (a) to enter at any reasonable time any premises which he has reason to believe it is necessary for him to enter;

      (b) on entering any premises by virtue of sub-paragraph (a) above to take with him-

        (i) any other authorised person;

        (ii) if the authorised person has reasonable cause to apprehend any serious obstruction in the execution of his duty, a constable; and

        (iii) any equipment (other than heavy equipment) or materials required for any purpose for which the power of entry is being exercised;

      (c) to make such examination and investigation as may in any circumstances be necessary;

      (d) to take any dead or injured wild bird or to take samples, or cause samples to be taken, of any articles or substances found in or on any premises which he has power to enter and to cause any such bird or sample to by analysed or tested;

      (e) in the case of any such bird or sample as is mentioned in sub-paragraph (d) above, to take possession of it and to retain it for so long as is necessary for all or any of the following purposes, namely-

        (i) to examine it, or cause it to be examined, and to do, or cause to be done, to it anything which he has power to do under that sub-paragraph;

        (ii) to ensure that it is not tampered with before examination of it is completed;

        (iii) to ensure that it is available for use as evidence in any proceedings for an offence.

        (3) Where an authorised person proposes to enter any premises and-

      (a) entry has been refused and he apprehends on reasonable grounds that the use of force may be necessary to effect entry, or

      (b) he apprehends on reasonable grounds that entry is likely to be refused and that the use of force may be necessary to effect entry, any entry on to those premises by virtue of this regulation shall only be effected under the authority of a warrant by virtue of paragraph (4) below.

        (4) If it is shown to the satisfaction of a justice of the peace on sworn information in writing-

      (a) that there are reasonable grounds for the exercise in relation to any premises of a power under this regulation (including a power exercisable by virtue of a warrant under this paragraph), and

      (b) that one or more of the conditions specified in paragraph (5) below is fulfilled, the justice may by warrant authorise the Secretary of State to designate a person who shall be authorised to exercise the power in relation to those premises, in accordance with the warrant and, if need be, by force.

        (5) The conditions mentioned in sub-paragraph (4)(b) above are-

      (a) that the exercise of the power in relation to the premises has been refused;

      (b) that such a refusal is reasonably apprehended;

      (c) that the premises are unoccupied;

      (d) that the occupier is temporarily absent from the premises and the case is one of urgency; or

      (e) that an application for admission to the premises would defeat the object of the proposed entry.

        (6) Every warrant under paragraph (4) above shall continue in force until the purposes for which the warrant was issued have been fulfilled.

        (7) An authorised person, including a person designated under paragraph (4) above, shall (if so requested) produce evidence of his authority or designation.

        (8) An authorised person, including a person designated under paragraph (4) above, who, in exercise of any power conferred by this regulation enters on any premises which are unoccupied or whose occupier is temporarily absent, shall leave the premises as effectually secured against trespassers as he found them.

        (9) An authorised person, including a person designated under paragraph (4) above, shall not be liable in any civil or criminal proceedings for anything done in the purported exercise of any power conferred by this regulation if the court is satisfied that the act was done in good faith and that there were reasonable grounds for doing it.

        5. - (1) Any person who contravenes regulation 3 above or causes or permits another person to contravene that regulation shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding level 3 on the standard scale.

        (2) Any person who intentionally obstructs a person acting in the exercise of any power under regulation 4 above shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding level 3 on the standard scale.

    Signed by authority of the Secretary of State

    Michael Meacher
    Minister of State for the Environment, Transport and the Regions

    29th July 1999

    Regulation 3(b)


    Site of special scientific interestDate of notification under section 28(1)(c) of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981Location (Ordnance Survey Grid reference. See note below)
    Abberton Reservoir1/11/1988TL977182
    Ainsdale Sand Dunes1/3/1984SD287102
    Alde-Ore Estuary1/8/1985TM442492
    Alderfen Broad1/9/1984TG354194
    Altcar Sand Dunes And Foreshore1/8/1983SD283032
    Altcar Sand Dunes And Foreshore1/8/1983SD283032
    Amberley Wild Brooks19/6/1985TQ034142
    Ant Broads And Marshes1/5/1989TG364212
    Aqualate Mere12/1/1987SJ773204
    Attenborough Gravel Pits1/11/1982SK523343
    Avon Valley9/8/1985SP066476
    Avon Valley (Bickton To Christchurch)15/10/1993SZ144979
    Barn Elms Reservoir2/2/1975TQ228770
    Barnby Broad & Marshes16/5/1990TM473908
    Bassenthwaite Lake29/3/1994NY220283
    Baston Fen1/7/1984TF131169
    Belvide Reservoir4/3/1987SJ864102
    Benfleet And Southend Marshes1/5/1987TQ860846
    Berrington Pool15/11/1983SO509629
    Berrington Pool25/1/1984SJ524072
    Berry Fen1/3/1984TL378745
    Betley Mere15/9/1986SJ745482
    Black Firs & Cranberry Bog15/9/1986SJ749503
    Black Hill Heath15/12/1989SY836941
    Blackwater Estuary12/1/1993TL978100
    Blagdon Lake17/12/1984ST513597
    Blenheim Park25/7/1986SP437161
    Blithfield Reservoir2/7/1987SK054243
    Blue Pool And Norden Heaths1/3/1985SY937831
    Bomere, Shomere And Betton Pools26/10/1983SJ502080
    Bourne Valley14/3/1995SZ067927
    Bracklesham Bay21/2/1986SZ827947
    Breighton Meadows1/4/1986SE704328
    Brenscombe Heath7/11/1985SY984831
    Brent Reservoir9/8/1985TQ219874
    Breydon Water1/6/1987TG488070
    Bridgwater Bay27/4/1989ST278483
    Broad Fen, Dilham1/12/1983TG343253
    Brown Moss12/7/1984SJ561393
    Brownheath Moss22/4/1987SJ460301
    Buddon Wood And Swithland Reservoir1/9/1984SK559145
    Bure Broads And Marshes1/2/1991TG350155
    Burgh Common And Muckfleet Marshes1/10/1986TG442126
    Butterburn Flow11/11/1984NY670762
    Calthorpe Broad1/12/1984TG411259
    Canford Heath12/6/1985SZ028958
    Cantley Marshes9/1/1997TG370037
    Catcott Edington And Chilton Moors24/1/1986ST395416
    Chartley Moss16/1/1987SK025282
    Cheddar Reservoir26/4/1983ST441538
    Chesil & The Fleet22/8/1986SY597818
    Chew Valley Lake31/1/1985ST565596
    Chichester Harbour30/7/1985SU755002
    Chingford Reservoirs9/9/1986TQ371954
    Chippenham Fen And Snailwell Poor's Fen1/4/1988TL648694
    Christchurch Harbour8/10/1986SZ173914
    Clarepool Moss12/7/1983SJ433342
    Cole Mere14/11/1984SJ434332
    Colne Estuary10/3/1989TM096121
    Combe Pool29/10/1986SP392794
    Cop Mere17/12/1986SJ801298
    Corfe & Barrow Hills10/3/1986SZ002971
    Cowpen Marsh1/1/1989NZ504251
    Cranborne Common23/8/1985SU098114
    Crostwick Marsh1/12/1985TG262164
    Crouch And Roach Estuaries11/4/1996TQ847966
    Curry And Hay Moors5/3/1992ST319271
    Damgate Marshes, Acle23/2/1993TG413096
    Dawlish Warren9/1/1984SX985794
    Deben Estuary18/2/1991TM293438
    Decoy Carr, Acle1/6/1985TG404089
    Dee Estuary9/12/1983SJ216805
    Deeping Gravel Pits1/3/1986TF178081
    Dersingham Bog1/4/1986TF672286
    Derwent Ings1/1/1983SE704436
    Drigg Coast2/5/1986SD074934
    Ducan's Marsh, Claxton1/10/1986TG339026
    Duddon Estuary27/2/1991SD143756
    Ebblake Bog30/8/1985SU105070
    Eccup Reservoir18/3/1987SE300417
    Eling And Bury Marshes26/6/1986SU374120
    Esthwaite Water27/2/1987SD361962
    Exe Estuary7/10/1986SX981842
    Eye Brook Reservoir1/7/1983SP854955
    Fairburn And Newton Ings23/11/1984SE455277
    Fenn's, Whixall And Bettisfield Mosses (England)2/12/1983SJ487364
    Ferndown Common21/9/1984SZ067998
    Flaxmere Moss25/10/1984SJ556723
    Formby Sand Dunes And Foreshore1/7/1984SD268075
    Foxcote Reservoir And Wood23/3/1984SP710366
    Geldeston Meadows1/8/1988TM396916
    Gibraltar Point1/7/1988TF565595
    Gilkicker Lagoon18/12/1984SZ608977
    Grafham Water1/4/1986TL140681
    Gunton Park Lake1/10/1986TG220344
    Hall Farm Fen, Hemsby1/6/1986TG480169
    Halvergate Marshes21/12/1996TG448051
    Ham Common11/11/1987SY982910
    Hamford Water1/7/1987TM228254
    Hanningfield Reservoir1/5/1985TQ733983
    Hardley Flood23/11/1990TM380996
    Hartland Moor2/5/1986SY953853
    Hatch Mere11/10/1984SJ551721
    Hayle Estuary And Carrack Gladden1/8/1983SW542385
    Hencott Pool4/3/1985SJ490160
    Higham Ferrers Gravel Pits1/7/1984SP946688
    Hilton Gravel Pits20/10/1986SK249314
    Holburn Lake And Moss1/9/1983NU050364
    Holt And West Moors Heaths10/7/1988SU060038
    Holton Heath14/11/1986SY950912
    Hornsea Mere1/12/1983TA188468
    Horton Common24/2/1984SU075071
    Humber Flats And Marshes: Barton And Barrow Clay Pits1/7/1985TA043235
    Humber Flats And Marshes: Pyewipe And Cleethorpes Coast1/3/1988TA323076
    Humber Flats And Marshes: Spurn Head To Saltend Flats1/3/1985TA344174
    Humber Flats And Marshes: The Grues1/6/1988TA125256
    Humber Flats And Marshes: Upper Humber1/8/1987SE955235
    Hurn Common17/12/1986SU122000
    Hurst Castle And Lymington River Estuary5/9/1986SZ334937
    Hythe To Calshot Marshes6/7/1984SU454055
    Inner Marsh Farm11/2/1998SJ307735
    Inner Thames Marshes28/10/1986TQ531801
    Kielder Mires15/12/1995NY603810
    Kings Quay Shore24/2/1987SZ540940
    Kings Sedgemoor2/8/1985ST402328
    Lackford Lakes19/8/1997TL806707
    Langstone Harbour22/2/1985SU691039
    Langtoft Gravel Pits1/3/1987TF113108
    Lee-On-The Solent To Itchen Estuary27/8/1992SU470085
    Leighton Moss29/2/1984SD485753
    Limpenhoe Meadows1/8/1985TG398031
    Lincegrove And Hackett's Marshes26/10/1984SU487088
    Lions Hill3/5/1985SU104037
    Little Paxton Wood1/6/1989TL169635
    Lower Test Valley2/12/1986SU365145
    Ludham - Potter Heigham Marshes7/3/1990TG404177
    Lune Estuary19/1/1990SD390533
    Lymington River25/7/1997SU290041
    Lymington River Reedbeds26/10/1984SZ322969
    Martin Mere, Burscough17/12/1984SD419145
    Marton Pool. Chirbury26/10/1983SJ295027
    Medina Estuary18/7/1985SZ508921
    Medway Estuary And Marshes24/12/1991TQ853709
    Melbourne And Thornton Ings1/8/1985SE736453
    Mersey Estuary15/8/1985SJ434793
    Mickletown Ings9/11/1984SE403275
    Mid Colne Valley1/8/1985TQ044894
    Minsmere-Walberswick Heaths And Marshes1/5/1989TM477734
    Morden Bog And Hyde Heath19/2/1996SY915911
    Morecambe Bay28/3/1990SD383701
    Morton Pool And Pasture12/7/1984SJ301239
    Mucking Flats And Marshes18/9/1991TQ706811
    Nene Washes (Whittlesey)1/11/1983TL302995
    Newton Marsh26/11/1986SD450291
    Newton Mask1/5/1986SE706496
    Newtown Harbour23/2/1995SZ417910
    North Lincolnshire Coast23/3/1995TA424009
    North Norfolk Coast1/2/1986TF744446
    North Solent27/9/1990SZ428982
    Oakers Bog29/6/1988SY811919
    Ogston Reservoir20/10/1986SK375602
    Orwell Estuary1/8/1985TM231377
    Oss Mere12/7/1983SJ564438
    Ouse Washes21/5/1984TL474856
    Pagham Harbour30/9/1986SZ868961
    Parley Common24/2/1984SZ091992
    Pitsford Reservoir1/5/1984SP778699
    Poole Harbour7/12/1990SY988878
    Poplar Farm Meadows, Langley1/7/1985TG370020
    Portsmouth Harbour29/10/1992SU619001
    Povington And Grange Heaths26/3/1986SY883834
    Pulborough Brooks1/7/1998TQ052169
    Quoisley Meres4/2/1987SJ548455
    Redcar Rocks1/11/1984NZ610252
    Redgrave And Lopham Fens1/3/1985TM048797
    Rempstone Heaths20/2/1987SY991845
    Ribble Estuary17/12/1984SD376257
    River Derwent1/5/1986SE704474
    River Derwent And Tributaries11/9/1997NY159239
    Rostherne Mere11/10/1984SJ745841
    Roudsea Wood & Mosses28/7/1989SD342812
    Roydon Common1/10/1984TF685224
    Rutland Water1/4/1984SK904081
    Ryde Sands And Wootton Creek23/3/1995SZ610928
    Rye Meads1/1/1989TL387101
    Salcombe To Kingsbridge Estuary6/2/1987SX744406
    Saltfleetby - Theddlethorpe Dunes1/5/1988TF484903
    Sandford Heath14/8/1987SY938902
    Sandwich Bay To Hacklinge Marsh28/6/1993TR354592
    Seal Sands1/7/1983NZ526261
    Seaton Dunes & Common1/8/1985NZ534281
    Sevenoaks Gravel Pits25/1/1989TQ522569
    Severn Estuary2/2/1989ST468836
    Shallam Dyke Marshes, Thurne1/9/1986TG400168
    Shapwick Heath23/6/1995ST421405
    Slop Bog And Uddens Heath23/8/1985SU077017
    Smallburgh Fen1/8/1985TG326245
    South Gare & Coatham Sands1/10/1988NZ576260
    South Thames Estuary And Marshes24/12/1991TQ724750
    South Walney And Piel Channel Flats12/12/1997SD214647
    Southlake Moor5/2/1985ST369301
    Southport Sand Dunes And Foreshore1/11/1983SD302148
    Sowley Pond26/10/1984SZ374967
    Sprat's Water And Marshes, Carlton Colville1/8/1986TM507922
    Staines Moor2/7/1984TQ037733
    Stanley And Alder Carrs, Aldeby1/7/1986TM433927
    Steep Holm16/6/1983ST228606
    Stoborough & Creech Heaths7/2/1986SY926842
    Stour Estuary23/12/1985TM171329
    Studland & Godlingston Heaths7/10/1986SZ031849
    Swanholme Lakes1/10/1985SK943685
    Sweat Mere And Crose Mere8/11/1994SJ432304
    Tabley Mere4/2/1985SJ724768
    Talbot Pit21/9/1984SZ062930
    Tatton Meres24/1/1986SJ755802
    Tealham And Tadham Moors6/2/1985ST422448
    Thanet Coast18/4/1990TR308687
    The Lagoons23/3/1990TA411176
    The Mere, Mere18/10/1985SJ732818
    The Moors7/6/1985SY947868
    The New Forest28/2/1996SU224075
    The Swale20/2/1990TQ976663
    The Wash1/5/1984TF537411
    Thorness Bay23/2/1995SZ458936
    Thrasher's Heath31/3/1984SY970838
    Titchfield Haven30/11/1983SU541036
    Tophill Low8/12/1989TA072484
    Town Common31/3/1994SZ132974
    Tring Reservoirs30/3/1987SP904130
    Turbary And Kinson Commons8/7/1988SZ063946
    Turners Puddle Heath15/6/1990SY831903
    Turnford And Cheshunt Pits20/4/1995TL371024
    Tweed Estuary1/3/1988NT993531
    Upper Hamble Estuary And Woods1/10/1987SU505111
    Upper Severn Estuary10/2/1987SO716062
    Upper Solway Flats And Marshes6/6/1988NY141646
    Upper Thurne Broads And Marshes1/11/1988TG438209
    Upton Broad & Marshes1/7/1986TG391137
    Upton Heath12/4/1990SY986943
    Verwood Heaths8/5/1985SU092093
    Walland Marsh28/11/1986TQ969252
    Walmore Common24/2/1984SO744150
    Waltham Brooks7/5/1987TQ026158
    Walthamstow Reservoirs1/10/1986TQ351888
    Wareham Meadows3/12/1987SY929874
    Warmwell Heath12/6/1987SY755871
    West Moor12/8/1985ST422219
    West Sedgemoor21/1/1983ST360258
    Westhay Heath27/7/1990ST416421
    Westhay Moor17/12/1985ST453444
    Weston Turville Reservoir14/11/1986SP862095
    Wet Moor20/8/1985ST449243
    White Mere9/10/1986SJ414329
    Whitecliffe Bay And Bembridge Ledges14/7/1986SZ658872
    Wicken Fen1/12/1983TL554702
    Winfrith Heath5/12/1996SY804874
    Woodwalton Fen1/12/1985TL231848
    Woolston Eyes18/10/1985SJ664885
    Worgret Heath18/11/1987SY894870
    Wraysbury & Hythe End Gravel Pits3/7/1992TQ010737
    Wretham Park Meres1/1/1984TL908918
    Wybunbury Moss13/6/1986SJ697501
    Wyre Estuary27/1/1995SD317499
    Yar Estuary18/7/1985SZ352883
    Yare Broads And Marshes1/10/1988TG325067
    Note: The Ordnance Survey National Grid reference gives a point within the site of special scientific interest.

    Regulation 3(c)


    Common nameScientific name
    CootFulica atra
    Ducks, Geese and Swans (all species of each)Anatidae
    MoorhenGallinula chloropus
    Plover, GoldenPluvialis apricaria
    Snipe, CommonGallinago gallinago
    NOTE: The common name or names given in the first column of this Schedule are included by way of guidance only; in the event of any dispute or proceedings, the common name or names shall not be taken into account.


    (This note is not part of the Regulations)

    These Regulations ("the Regulations"), which apply to England only, prohibit the use of lead shot for shooting with a shot gun-

      (a) on or over any area below the high-water mark;

      (b) on or over the sites of special scientific interest included in Schedule 1 to the Regulations;

      (c) any wild bird included in Schedule 2 to the Regulations. These birds are ducks, geese and swans (all species of each); coot; moorhen; golden plover and common snipe (regulation 3).

    "Lead shot" means any shot made of lead or of any alloy or compound of lead where lead comprises more than 1% of that alloy or compound (regulation 2).

    Regulation 4 provides for powers of entry and inspection, a power to take samples, and a power to take any dead or injured wild birds, to determine whether any provision of the Regulations is being, or has been, complied with.

    Regulation 5 provides that breach of regulation 3, or obstruction of a person exercising any power under regulation 4, is a criminal offence punishable with a fine not exceeding level 3 on the standard scale.

    Notifications under section 28(1) of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 of sites of special scientific interest in England are registered as local land charges (section 28(11) of the 1981 Act).

    Details of the area covered by the sites of special scientific interest listed in Schedule 1 to the Regulations can be obtained from English Nature at Northminster House, City Road, Peterborough, PE1 1UA.


    [1] S.I. 1991/1487.back

    [2] 1990 c. 43.back

    [3] Section 140(3)(c) was amended by S.I. 1999/1108.back

    [4] 1981 c. 69.back

    ISBN 0 11 085056 4

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