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Statutory Instruments (1996)

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The Non-Domestic Rating (Chargeable Amounts for Small Hereditaments) Regulations 1996

The High Court and County Courts (Allocation of Arbitration Proceedings) Order 1996

The Employment Appeal Tribunal (Amendment) Rules 1996

The Civil Evidence Act 1995 (Commencement No. 1)Order 1996

The County Court (Amendment No. 3) Rules 1996

The Rules of the Supreme Court (Amendment) 1996

The Charities (The Proby Trust Fund) Order 1996

The Electricity (Scottish Nuclear Limited) (Target Investment Limit) Order 1996

The Immigration (Restrictions on Employment) Order 1996

The Motor Vehicle Tyres (Safety) (Amendment) Regulations 1996

The Civil Aviation Authority (Hovercraft) (Revocation) Regulations 1996

The Police (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 1996

The Retirement Benefits Schemes (Continuation of Rights of Members of Approved Schemes) (Amendment No. 2) Regulations 1996

The Occupational Pension Schemes (Transitional Provisions) (Amendment No. 2) Regulations 1996

The Sole (Specified Sea Areas) (Prohibition of Fishing)Order 1996

The Haddock, Saithe, etc (Specified Sea Areas) (Prohibition of Fishing) Order 1996

The Public Lending Right Scheme 1982 (Commencement of Variations) (No. 2) Order 1996

The Beef Special Premium Regulations 1996

The Plant Health (Great Britain) (Amendment) (No. 3) Order 1996

The Merchant Shipping (Fees) Regulations 1996

The Non-Domestic Rating Contributions (England) (Amendment) (No. 2) Regulations 1996

The A23 Trunk Road (Croydon) Red Route (Prescribed Route No. 2) Experimental Traffic Order 1996

The A205 Trunk Road (Wandsworth and Richmond) Red Route Experimental Traffic Order 1996

The Secure Accommodation (Scotland) Regulations 1996

The Residential Establishments - Child Care (Scotland) Regulations 1996

The Adoption Allowance (Scotland) Regulations 1996

The Emergency Child Protection Measures (Scotland) Regulations 1996

The Refuges for Children (Scotland) Regulations 1996

Children's Hearings (Transmission of Information etc.) (Scotland) Regulations 1996

Children's Hearings (Scotland) Rules 1996

The Arrangements to Look After Children (Scotland) Regulations 1996

The Fostering of Children (Scotland) Regulations 1996

The Markets, Sales and Lairs (Amendment) Order 1996

The Adoption Agencies (Scotland) Regulations 1996

The Children (Reciprocal Enforcement of Prescribed Orders etc. (England and Wales and Northern Ireland)) (Scotland) Regulations 1996

The Specified Bovine Material (No. 3) (Amendment) (No. 2) Order 1996

The Medicines (Phenacetin Prohibition) (Revocation) Order 1996

The Firearms (Amendment) Act 1988 (Firearms Consultative Committee) Order 1996

The Amusements with Prizes (Variation of Monetary Limits) (Scotland) Order 1996

The Housing Accommodation and Homelessness(Persons subject to Immigration Control) Order(Northern Ireland) 1996

The Gas (Extent of Domestic Supply Licences) (Amendment) Order 1996

The Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 (Appropriate Methods of Humane Killing) Order 1996

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