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Statutory Instrument 1988 No. 40

The A46 (Coventry Eastern Bypass Slip Roads) Order 1988

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1988 No. 40


The A46 (Coventry Eastern Bypass Slip Roads) Order 1988

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Made14th January 1988
Coming into force28th January 1988

    The Secretary of State for Transport makes this Order in exercise of powers conferred by sections 10 and 41 of the Highways Act 1980[1], and now vested in him[2], and of all other enabling powers:
        1.    The 1984 Order is amended so as to exclude those parts of the new highways given the reference letters A and B on the deposited plan and which are described in Schedule 1 to this Order and shown by a broken black line on the No 2 deposited plan.
        2.    Those parts of the new highways referred to in article 1 above shall be deemed to be omitted from the deposited plan.
        3.    The new highways which the Secretary of State proposes to construct along the routes described in Schedule 2 to this Order (the highways along these routes being referred to in this Order as "the new slip roads"), shall become trunk roads as from the date on which this Order comes into force.
        4.    The centre lines of the new slip roads are indicated by heavy black lines on the No. 2 deposited plan.
        5.    The Secretary of State directs as respects any part of a highway which crosses the route of either of the new slip roads that —
       (a) where the highway is a highway maintainable at the public expense by a local highway authority, the part in question shall be maintained by that authority; and
       (b) where the highway is not a highway so maintainable and is not maintainable under a special enactment or by reason of tenure, enclosure or prescription, the Secretary of State shall be under no duty to maintain the part in question,
    until, in either case, a date to be specified in a notice given by the Secretary of State to the highway authority for that highway. The date specified will not be later than the date on which the relevant route is opened for the purposes of through traffic.
        6.    In this Order —

        (1)  All measurements of distance are measured along the route of the relevant highway

       (i) "the deposited plan"has the same meaning as in the 1984 Order;
       (ii) "the No. 2 deposited plan"means the plan numbered HA 10/2 WMRO L111 marked The (A46) (Coventry Eastern Bypass and Slip Roads) Order 1988; signed by authority of the Secretary of State and deposited at the Department of Transport, 2, Marsham Street, London SW1P 3PY;
       (iii) "the slip roads"has the same meaning as in the 1984 Order;
       (iv) "the 1984 Order"means the Bath to Lincoln Trunk Road (A46) (Coventry Eastern Bypass and Slip Roads Order) 1984[3].

        7.    This Order may be cited as the A46 (Coventry Eastern Bypass Slip Roads) Order 1988 and shall come into force on 28th January 1988.

Signed by authority of the Secretary of State

H. F. Ellis-Rees

Regional Director West Midlands Region Department of Transport

14th January 1988


[1] 1980 c. 66.

[2] S.I. 1981/238.

[3] S.I. 1984/1604.

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