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Statutory Instrument 1989 No. 34

The Submarine Pipe-lines (Designated Owners) (No. 2) Order 1989

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1989 No. 34


The Submarine Pipe-lines (Designated Owners) (No. 2) Order 1989

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Made9th January 1989
Coming into force1st February 1989

    The Secretary of State, in exercise of the powers conferred on him by section 33(3) of the Petroleum and Submarine Pipe-lines Act 1975[1] (hereinafter referred to as "the Act") and of all other powers enabling him in that behalf, and after giving those persons affected an opportunity of being heard with respect to the matter, hereby makes the following Order:-
        1.    This Order may be cited as the Submarine Pipe-lines (Designated Owners) (No. 2) Order 1989 and shall come into force on 1st February 1989.
        2.    For the purposes of Part III of the Act, each person specified in Part I of the Schedule hereto is hereby designated as the owner of so much of the pipe-line specified in Part II of the Schedule hereto as is a controlled pipe-line.

Peter Morrison

Minister of State, Department of Energy

9th January 1989


[1] 1975 c. 74.

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