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Statutory Instrument 1992 No. 122

The Land Registration (Open Register) Rules 1991

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1992 No. 122


The Land Registration (Open Register) Rules 1991

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Made18th December 1991
Laid before Parliament5th February 1992
Coming into force30th March 1992

    The Lord Chancellor, with the advice and assistance of the Rule Committee appointed in pursuance of section 144 of the Land Registration Act 1925[1], in exercise of the powers conferred on him by that section and section 112 of the said Act, hereby makes the following Rules:

    Citation, commencement and interpretation
        1.—(1)  These Rules may be cited as the land Registration (Open Register) Rules 1991 and shall come into force on 30th March 1992.

        (2)  In these Rules, unless the context requires:
      "The Act" means the Land Registration Act 1925;
      "caution title" means:
         (a) the document prepared by the registrar which records, under a distinguishing number, details of any caution against first registration lodged under section 53 of the Act and of the statutory declaration in support of that caution; and
         (b) the plan, referred to in that document, prepared by the registrar, showing the extent of the land effected by the caution;

      "credit account" means an account authorised by the registrar under article 15(1) of the Land Registration Fees Order 1991[2];
      "designated plan" means a plan which is a copy or extract from the Ordnance Map at the largest scale published for the area in which the land to which it relates is situated, such plan to have a length no greater than 297 mm and a width no greater than 210 mm (A4 paper size);
      "Index Map section" means the document or documents comprising a single section of the index Maps maintained by the registrar under rule 8 of the principal rules, and the associated Parcels Index (if any) maintained by the registrar under rule 274 of the principal rules;
      "the 1990 Rules" means the Land Registration Rules 1990[3];
      "the principal rules" means the Land Registration Rules 1925[4];
      "proper office" means the district land registry designated as the proper office by article 2(2) of the Land Registgration (District Registries) Order 1991[5];
      "title plan" means the filed plan or portion of the General Map referred to in the register of a registered title.

        (3)  Except in rule 15, a form referred to by a number means the form so numbered in Schedule 1.

        (4)  Expressions used in these rules have, unless the contrary intention appears, the meaning which they bear in the principal rules.


[1] 1925 c. 21; sections 112, 113 and 144 were amended by the Land Registration Act 1988 (c. 3), section 1 and Schedule.

[2] S.I. 1991/1948.

[3] S.I. 1990/314; relevant amending instrument is S.I. 1990/1362.

[4] S.R.& O. 1925/1093; relevant amending instruments are S.I. 1976/1332, 1978/1601, 1990/314.

[5] S.I. 1991/2634.

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