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Statutory Instrument 1992 No. 125

The Rickmansworth Water Plc (Constitution and Regulation) Order1992

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1992 No. 125


The Rickmansworth Water Plc (Constitution and Regulation) Order1992

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Made22nd January 1992
Laid before Parliament31st January 1992
Coming into force21st February 1992

    Whereas provision is made for the constitution and regulation ofRickmansworth Water Plc ( "the Company") in local statutory provisions ( "the relevant provisions") which have effect in accordance with paragraph 5 of Schedule 21 tothe Companies Act 1985[1]: And whereas the Company is a statutory water companywhich holds an appointment as a water undertaker under Chapter I of PartII of the Water Industry Act 1991[2]: And whereas the Company is a registered water company[3] and has by a special resolution passed on 13th December1991 ( "the special resolution") proposed that provision contained in a memorandum and articlesdescribed in Schedule 1 to this Order ( "the memorandum and articles"), copies of which have been certified as such by the Secretary ofState, shall have effect in substitution for the relevant provisions ( "the proposal"): And whereas it appears to the Secretary of State that therequirements set out in paragraphs (a) and (b) of section 12(2) of theStatutory Water Companies Act 1991[4] ( "the Act") are satisfied as respects the proposal: And whereas it appears tothe Secretary of State appropriate in consequence of his approval of theproposal by this Order that the local statutory provisions specified inSchedule 2 to this Order be repealed: Now, therefore, the Secretary ofState, in exercise of the powers conferred on him by sections 12(1) and14 of the Act, hereby makes the following Order:
    Citation, commencement and interpretation
        1.—(1)  This Order may be cited as the Rickmansworth Water Plc (Constitutionand Regulation) Order 1992 and shall come into force on 21st February1992.

        (2)  In this Order—
      "the 1845 Act" means the Companies Clauses Consolidation Act 1845[5];

      "the 1863 Act" means the Companies Act 1863[6]; and

      "the Third Schedule" means the Third Schedule to the Water Act 1945[7].

    Approval of proposal contained in the special resolution
        2.    The proposal contained in the special resolution is herebyapproved.
    Date on which memorandum and articles come into force etc.
        3.    The date specified for the purposes of section 12(1) of the Act asthe date on which the memorandum and articles shall come into force andthe relevant provisions shall cease to have effect is 21st February1992.
    Consequential provision
        4.    The local statutory provisions referred to in Schedule 2 hereto arerepealed to the extent indicated in that Schedule with effect from 21stFebruary 1992.

Michael Heseltine

One of Her Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State

22nd January 1992\


[1] 1985 c. 6.

[2] 1991 c. 56.

[3] See section 15(2) of the Statutory Water Companies Act1991 (c. 58).

[4] 1991 c. 58.

[5] 1845 c. 16.

[6] 1863 c. 118, amended by the Companies Clauses Act 1869(c. 48).

[7] 1945 c. 42.

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