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Statutory Instrument 1996 No. 54

The Taxes (Interest Rate) (Amendment)Regulations 1996

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1996 No. 54




The Taxes (Interest Rate) (Amendment)Regulations 1996

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Made10th January 1996
Laid before the House of Commons12th January 1996
Coming into force6th February 1996

    The Treasury, in exercise of the powers conferred on them by section 178 of the Finance Act 1989[1], hereby make the following Regulations:
        1.    These Regulations may be cited as the Taxes (Interest Rate) (Amendment ) Regulations 1996 and shall come into force on 6th February 1996.
        2.    In regulation 5(1) of the Taxes (Interest Rate) Regulations 1989[2]
       (a) for "6th October 1995" there shall be substituted "6th February 1996";
       (b) for "7.75 per cent. per annum" there shall be substituted "7.25 per cent. per annum".

Simon Burns

Derek Conway

Two of the Lords Commissioners of Her Majesty's Treasury

10th January 1996


(This note is not part of the Regulations)
    These Regulations amend regulation 5 of the Taxes (Interest Rate) Regulations 1989 (S.I. 1989/1297 as substituted by S.I. 1994/1307). That regulation provides for the official rate of interest for the purposes of section 160 of the Income and Corporation Taxes Act 1988 (taxation of beneficial loans made to employees) by first specifying an official rate of interest generally and then specifying, by way of exception, different official rates of interest for certain beneficial loans in the currencies of countries specified in the Table to the regulation.
    The amendment made by these Regulations specifies, with effect from 6th February 1996, a new general official rate of interest of 7.25 per cent. per annum, in substitution for the rate of 7.75 per cent. per annum specified by S.I. 1995/2436.

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[1] 1989 c. 26; section 178 was extended by section 160(5) of the Income and Corporation Taxes Act 1988 (c. 1) as amended by section 179 (1)(g) of the Finance Act 1989, section 88(2) of the Finance Act 1994 (c. 9) and section 45(2) of, and Part VIII(3) of Schedule 29 to, the Finance Act 1995 (c. 4).

[2] S.I. 1989/1297; relevant amending instruments are S.I. 1994/1307, 1567, 2657 and S.I. 1995/2436.

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