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Statutory Instrument 1996 No. 112

The Yorkshire Water services Limited (Drought) Order 1996

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1996 No. 112


The Yorkshire Water services Limited (Drought) Order 1996

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Made4th January 1996
Coming into force5th January 1996

    Whereas the Secretary of State is satisfied that by reason of an exceptional shortage of rain, a serious deficiency of supplies of water is threatened in the area of Yorkshire Water Services Ltd;Now there fore the Secretary of State, in exercise of his powers under sections 73(1) and 74 of the Water Resources Act 1991[1], makes the following Order:
    Citation, Commencement and interpretation
        1.—(1)  This Order may be cited as the Yorkshire Water Services Limited (Drought) Order 1996 and shall come into force on 5th January 1996

        (2)  In this Order "the Company" means Yorkshire Water services Limited.
    Power to prohibit use of water for certain purposes
        2.    The Company may, for such period as they think necessary not exceeding six months beginning 5th January 1996, prohibit or limit as respect the whole or any part of the areas referred to in the Schedule the use of water supplied by them for any of the following purposes:—
       (a) the watering, by hosepipe, sprinkler or other similar apparatus, of:—
         (i) gardens (other than market gardens), including lawns, verges and other landscaped areas;
         (ii) allotments;
         (iii) parks; or
         (iv) any natural or artificial surfaces used for sport or recreation whether publicly or privately owned;
       (b) the filling (whether wholly or partially) of privately owned swimming pools, other than:—
         (i) pools designed to be used in the course of programme of medical treatment; or
         (ii) the filling of pools where necessary in the course of their construction;
       (c) the filling (whether wholly or partially) of ornamental ponds other than fish ponds;
       (d) the operation of mechanical vehicle washers, whether automatic or not;
       (e) the washing of road vehicles, boats, railway rolling stock or aircraft for any reason other than safety or hygiene;
       (f) the cleaning of the exterior of building, other than windows;
       (g) the cleaning of windows by hosepipe, sprinkler or other similar apparatus;
       (h) the cleaning of industrial premises and plant for any reason other than safety or hygiene;
       (i) the operation of ornamental fountains or cascades, including any where water is recycled;
       (j) the operation, in relation to any building or other premises, of any cistern which flushes automatically, during any period when the premises are wholly or substantially unoccupied.

Signed by authority of the Secretary of State

Andy Pond

An Under Secretary in the Department of the Environment

4th January 1996


[1] 1991 c. 57; section 73 was amended by the Environment Act 1995 (c. 25), Schedule 22 paragraph 139.

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