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Welsh Statutory Instrument 2002 No. 85 (W.9)

The Import and Export Restrictions (Foot-and-Mouth Disease) (Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2002

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2002 No. 85 (W.9)



The Import and Export Restrictions (Foot-and-Mouth Disease) (Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2002

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 Made18th January 2002 
 Coming into force19th January 2002 

The National Assembly for Wales, being designated[1] for the purposes of section 2(2) of the European Communities Act 1972[2] in relation to the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Community, in exercise of the powers conferred on it by that section, and of all other powers enabling it in that behalf, makes the following Regulations:

Title, application and commencement
    1. - These Regulations are called the Import and Export Restrictions (Foot-and-Mouth Disease) (Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2002; they apply to Wales and come into force on 19th January 2002.Amendment
    2. - The Import and Export Restrictions (Foot-and-Mouth Disease) (Wales) Regulations 2002[3] are amended by substituting the Schedule to these Regulations for Schedule 2 to those Regulations.

Signed on behalf of the National Assembly for Wales under section 66(1) of the Government of Wales Act 1998[4]

J. E. Randerson
Assembly Secretary for Culture, Sport and the Welsh Language.

18th January 2002


    " SCHEDULE 2

    Permitted areas


    Administrative UnitCountyBS/GPFGWGLBLP
    Powys consisting of    +++++++
        Gogledd/North Powys                            
        De/South Powys                            
    Gwynedd consisting of    +++++++
        Ynys Môn  -  Isle of Anglesey                            
    Dyfed consisting of    +++++++
        Sir Gaerfyrddin  -  Carmarthen                            
        Sir Benfro  -  Pembrokeshire                            
    Clwyd consisting of    +++++++
        Sir Ddinbych  -  Denbigshire                            
        Sir Y Fflint  -  Flintshire                            
        Wrecsam  -  Wrexham                            
    South Glamorgan consisting of    +++++++
        Bro Morgannwg  - The Vale of Glamorgan                            
        Caerdydd  -  Cardiff                            
    Mid Glamorgan consisting of    +++++++
        Caerffili  -  Caerphilly                            
        Merthyr Tudful  -  Merthyr Tydfil                            
        Pen-y-Bont Ar Ogwr  -  Bridgend                            
        Rhondda Cynon Taf/Taff                            
    West Glamorgan consisting of    +++++++
        Abertawe  -  Swansea                            
        Castell-Nedd Port Talbot  -  Neath Port Talbot                            
    Gwent consisting of    +++++++
        Blaenau Gwent                            
        Casnewydd  -  Newport                            
        Sir Fynwy  -  Monmouthshire                            
        Tor-faen  -  Torfaen                            


    Administrative UnitCountyBS/GPFGWGLBLP
    Bedfordshire consisting of    +++++++
        Luton District                            
    Berkshire consisting of    +++++++
        Bracknell Forest                            
        West Berkshire                            
        Windsor & Maidenhead                            
    Buckinghamshire    +++++++
        Buckinghamshire County                            
        Milton Keynes                            
    Cleveland consisting of    +++++++
        Redcar and Cleveland                            
        Stockton on Tees                            
    Cambridgeshire consisting of    +++++++
        Cambridgeshire County                            
        City of Peterborough                            
    Cheshire consisting of    +++++++
        Cheshire County                            
    Cornwall County    +++++++
        Cornwall County                            
    Cumbria    ++++-++
        Cumbria County                            
    Derbyshire consisting of    +++++++
        City of Derby                            
        Derbyshire County                            
    Devon consisting of    +++++++
        City of Plymouth                            
        Devon County                            
    Dorset consisting of    +++++++
        Dorset County                            
    Durham consisting of    ++++-++
        Durham County                            
    Essex consisting of    +++++++
        Essex County                            
    Gloucestershire consisting of    +++++++
        South Gloucestershire                            
        Gloucestershire County                            
    Hampshire consisting of    +++++++
        Hampshire County                            
        City of Portsmouth                            
        City of Southampton                            
    Isle of Wight    +++++++
        Isle of Wight                            
    Hereford & Worcester consisting of    +++++++
        Worcestershire County                            
    Hertfordshire    +++++++
    Kent consisting of    +++++++
        Kent County                            
    Lancashire consisting of                                
        Blackburn and Darwen+++++++
        Lancashire County+++++++
    Leicestershire consisting of                                
        City of Leicester+++++++
        Leicester County+++++++
    Lincolnshire    +++++++
        Lincolnshire County                            
    Merseyside consisting of    +++++++
        Knowsley District                            
        Liverpool District                            
        Sefton District                            
        St Helens District                            
    East London    +++++++
        Greater London Authority                            
    South East London    +++++++
        Greater London Authority                         
    Norfolk    +++++++
        Norfolk County                            
    Northamptonshire    +++++++
        Northamptonshire County                            
    Tyne and Wear consisting of    ++++-++
        Gateshead District                            
        South Tyneside District                            
        Sunderland District                            
    Nottinghamshire consisting of    +++++++
        City of Nottingham                            
        Nottinghamshire County                            
    Oxfordshire    +++++++
        Oxfordshire County                            
    Avon consisting of                                
        Bath & North East Somerset+++++++
        City of Bristol+++++++
        South Gloucestershire+++++++
        North Somerset+++++++
    Shropshire consisting of    +++++++
        Telford and Wrekin                            
        Shropshire County                            
    Somerset    +++++++
        Somerset County                            
    Staffordshire consisting of                                
        City of Stoke-on-Trent+++++++
        Staffordshire County+++++++
    Suffolk +++++++
        Suffolk County                            
    Isles of Scilly    +++++++
        Isles of Scilly                            
    Surrey    +++++++
        Surrey County                            
    East Sussex consisting of    +++++++
        Brighton & Hove                            
        East Sussex County                         
    West Sussex    +++++++
        West Sussex                            
    Warwickshire    +++++++
    Greater Manchester consisting of                                
        Tameside District+++++++
        Oldham District+++++++
        Rochdale District+++++++
        Bury District+++++++
        Bolton District+++++++
        Salford District+++++++
        Trafford District+++++++
        Manchester District+++++++
        Stockport District+++++++
        Wigan District+++++++
    Wiltshire consisting of                                
        Wiltshire County+++++++
    West Midlands consisting of    +++++++
        Birmingham District                            
        Dudley District                            
        Sandwell District                            
        Solihull District                            
        Walshall District                            
        Wolverhampton District                            
        Coventry District                            
    South Yorkshire consisting of    +++++++
        Barnsley District                            
        Doncaster District                            
        Rotherham District                            
        Sheffield District                            
    North Yorkshire consisting of    +++++++
        North Yorkshire County                            
    West Yorkshire consisting of    +++++++
        Wakefield District                            
        Kirklees District                            
        Calderdale District                         
    Beverley-North Yorkshire consisting of    +++++++
        Selby District                            
    Humberside consisting of    +++++++
        East Riding of Yorkshire                            
        City of Kingston upon Hull                            
        North East Lincolnshire                            
        North Lincolnshire                            


    Administrative UnitCountyBS/GPFGWGLBLP
    Shetland Islands    +++++++
        Shetland Islands                            
    Orkney Islands    +++++++
        Orkney Islands                            
    Western Islands    +++++++
        NA H-Eilcanan An lar                            
    Wick consisting of    +++++++
        Part of Highland                            
    Elgin consisting of    +++++++
        Part of Highland                            
    Inverness consisting of    +++++++
        Part of Highland                            
    Aberdeenshire consisting of    +++++++
        Aberdeen City                            
    Forfar consisting of    +++++++
        Dundee City                            
    Perth consisting of    +++++++
        Perth & Kinross                            
    Cupar    +++++++
    Edinburgh consisting of    +++++++
        West Lothian                            
        City of Edinburgh                            
        East Lothian                            
    Galashiels    ++++-++
        Scottish Borders                            
    Stirling    +++++++
    Oban    +++++++
        Argyll and Bute                            
    Hamilton consisting of    +++++++
        East Dunbartonshire                            
        East Renfrewshire                            
        City of Glasgow                            
        North Lanarkshire                            
        South Lanarkshire                            
        West Dunbartonshire                            
    Ayr consisting of    +++++++
        East Ayrshire                            
        North Ayrshire                            
        South Ayrshire                            
    Stranraer consisting of    +++++++
        Part of Dumfries & Galloway                            
    Dumfries consisting of    +++++++
        Part of Dumfries & Galloway                            

    B = bovine meat

    S/G = sheep and goat meat

    P = pig meat

    FG = farmed game of species susceptible to foot-and-mouth disease

    WG = wild game of species susceptible to foot-and-mouth disease

    LB = live bovine animals

    LP =live pigs

    + means an area where the animals indicated in the column may be sourced."


(This note is not part of the Regulations)

These Regulations, which apply to Wales, implement the Commission Decision of 15th January 2002 (2002/37/EC) (amending for the sixth time Decision 2001/740/EC concerning certain protection measures with regard to foot-and-mouth disease in the United Kingdom (OJ No. L15, 17.1.2002, p. 34)). In particular, they insert a substitute Schedule to the Import and Export Restrictions (Foot-and-Mouth Disease) (Wales) Regulations 2002, that further enlarges the area from which the dispatch of certain meats is authorised and the export of live bovine animals as well as pigs is permitted. Although none of the changes relate to Welsh counties, they affect meat or animals entering Wales from the counties affected by the changes.

A regulatory appraisal has not been prepared for these Regulations.

These Regulations come into force on 18th January 2002 and apply until midnight on 28th February 2002 when the regulations being amended will cease to have effect.


[1] S. I. 1999/2788.back

[2] 1972 c. 68.back

[3] S.I. 2002/8 (W.1).back

[4] 1998 c.38.back

ISBN 0 11090411 7

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