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Statutory Instruments

2007 No. 2123

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The Armed Forces, Army, Air Force and Naval Discipline Acts (Continuation) Order 2007


25th July 2007

At the Court at Buckingham Palace, the 25th day of July 2007


The Queen's Most Excellent Majesty in Council

A draft of this Order has been laid before Parliament and approved by a resolution of each House of Parliament.

Accordingly, Her Majesty, on the advice of Her Privy Council and in exercise of the power conferred by section 382(3) of the Armed Forces Act 2006(1), makes the following Order:

1. В В This Order may be cited as the Armed Forces, Army, Air Force and Naval Discipline Acts (Continuation) Order 2007.

2. В В The Armed Forces Act 2006, the Army Act 1955(2), the Air Force Act 1955(3) and the Naval Discipline Act 1957(4) shall, instead of expiring on 8th November 2007, continue in force until 8th November 2008.

Judith Simpson

Clerk of the Privy Council


(This note is not part of the Order)

Sections 382(1) and 382(2) of the Armed Forces Act 2006 ("the 2006 Act") provide that the Army Act 1955, the Air Force Act 1955 and the Naval Discipline Act 1957 ("the Service Discipline Acts"), and the 2006 Act itself, will expire one year from the date on which the 2006 Act was passed unless continued in force in accordance with section 382(3).

This Order enables the Service Discipline Acts and the 2006 Act to continue in force for a further period of 12 months beyond 8th November 2007. However, by virtue of section 382(6) of the 2006 Act, this Order does not continue in force any provision of any of the Service Discipline Acts beyond such time as the repeal of that provision by the 2006 Act may be brought into force.

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2006.c.52. Back [1]

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1955 c.18. Back [2]

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1955 c.19. Back [3]

( 4 )

1957 c.53. Back [4]

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