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Statutory Instrument 1987 No. 7

The Health Education Authority Regulations 1987

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1987 No. 7


The Health Education Authority Regulations 1987

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Made7th January 1987
Laid before Parliament13th January 1987
Coming into force3rd February 1987

    The Secretary of State for Social Services, in exercise of powers conferred by paragraphs 12 and 16 of Schedule 5 to the National Health Service Act 1977[1] and of all other powers enabling him in that behalf, hereby makes the following regulations:
    Citation, commencement and interpretation
        1.—(1)  These regulations may be cited as the Health Education Authority Regulations 1987 and shall come into force on 3rd February 1987.

        (2)  In these regulations unless the context otherwise requires—
      "the Authority" means the Health Education Authority established by the Health Education Authority (Establishment and Constitution) Order 1987[2];
      "member" means the Chairman or other member of the Authority.

    Tenure of office of member
        2.    Subject to any provisions applied by these regulations as to termination of and disqualification for membership, the tenure of office of a member shall be for such period not exceeding four years as the Secretary of State shall specify on making the appointment.
    Termination of tenure of office
        3.—(1)  A member may resign his office at any time during the period for which he was appointed by giving notice in writing to the Secretary of State.

        (2)  Where the Secretary of State is satisfied that it is not in the interests of the Authority or the health service that a person whom he has appointed as a member should continue to hold that office, he may forthwith terminate that member`s tenure of office.
    Application of regulations relating to membership and procedure
        4.    The provisions of regulations 5(4), (6) and (7) (termination of tenure of office), regulation 6 (eligibility for reappointment), regulation 7 (disqualification for appointment), regulation 8 (cessation of disqualification), regulation 9 (election of vice-chairman), regulation 10 (powers of vice-chairman), regulation 11 (appointment of committees and sub-committees), regulation 12 (arrangements for the exercise of functions), regulation 13 (meetings and proceedings), regulation 14 (disability of chairman and members in proceedings on account of pecuniary interests) of and Schedule 1 (rules as to meetings and proceedings of Authorities) to the National Health Service (Regional and District Health Authorities: Membership and Procedure) Regulations 1983[3] shall apply in relation to the Authority as if any reference in those provisions to an Authority included a reference to the Authority.
    Reports and papers by the Authority
        5.    The Authority shall make reports to the Secretary of State in such manner and at such time, being at least once a year, as the Secretary of State may direct and shall furnish to the Secretary of State such information as he may from time to time require.

Norman Fowler

Secretary of State for Social Services.

7th January 1987


(This note is not part of the Regulations)
    These Regulations provide for the tenure of office of the Chairman and other members of the special health authority known as the Health Education Authority. They also provide for the procedure of and report to the Secretary of State by that Authority.

ISBN 0 11 076007 7


[1] 1977 c. 49.

[2] S.I. 1987/6.

[3] S.I. 1983/315

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