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Statutory Instrument 1991 No. 28

The Industrial Training (Construction Board) Order 1964 (Amendment) Order 1991

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1991 No. 28


The Industrial Training (Construction Board) Order 1964 (Amendment) Order 1991

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Made9th January 1991
Laid before Parliament23rd January 1991
Coming into force14th February 1991

    The Secretary of State, in exercise of the powers conferred on him by section 1(1) and (7) of the Industrial Training Act 1982[1] and of all other powers enabling him in tat behalf, after the carrying out by him of consultations in accordance with section 1(4) of that Act, hereby makes the following Order:—
    Citation, commencement and interpretation
        1.—(1)  This Order may be cited as the Industrial Training (Construction Board) Order 1964 (Amendment) Order 1991 and shall come into force on 14th February 1991.

        (2)  In this Order—
       (a) "the Act" means the Industrial Training Act 1982;
       (b) "the Board" means the Construction Industry Training Board;
       (c) "the principal Order" means the Industrial Training (Construction Board) Order 1964[2].

    Activities of the Board
        2.    The activities in relation to which the Board exercises the functions conferred by the Act upon industrial training boards shall, in lieu of the activities specified in Schedule 1 to the principal Order, be the activities specified in Schedule 1 to this Order, and accordingly in the principal Order the latter Schedule shall be substituted for the former Schedule.
    Transitional provisions
        3.—(1)  The Chairman and other members of the Board on the day upon which tis Order comes into force shall continue to be members of the Board and to hold and vacate their offices in accordance with the terms of the instruments appointing them to be members.

        (2)  The provisions of this Order shall not—
       (a) extend the operation of a levy order;
       (b) affect the operation of a levy order in relation to the assessment of an employer within the meaning of that order in respect of an establishment that was engaged in the relevant levy period in the construction industry as defined in that order;
       (c) affect the operation of any assessment notice served by the Board under the provisions of a levy order before the day upon which this Order comes into force or any appeal or o ther proceedings arising out of any such notice.

        (3)  In paragraph (2) of this article, the expression "levy order" means any one of the levy order set out in Schedule 2 to this Order.
        4.    The Industrial Training (Construction Board) Order 1964 (Amendment) Order 1990[3] is hereby revoked.

Signed by order of the Secretary of State

Robert Jackson

Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Department of Employment

9th January 1991


[1] 1982 c. 10; section 1 was amended by the Employment Act 1989 (c. 38), sections 22(4) and 23 and Schedule 4, paragraph, 1(4).

[2] S.I. 1964/1079; relevant amending instrument is S.I. 1990/1873.

[3] S.I. 1990/1873.

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