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Statutory Instrument 1991 No. 112

The A158 Trunk Road (Lincolnshire) (Detrunking) Order 1991

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1991 No. 112


The A158 Trunk Road (Lincolnshire) (Detrunking) Order 1991

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Made17th January 1991
Coming into force15th February 1991

    The Secretary of State for Transport makes this Order in exercise of powers conferred by sections 10 and 12 of the Highways Act 1980[1], and now vested in him[2], and of all other enabling powers:—
        1.    That length of the Trunk Road which is described in the Schedule to this Order and is shown by broad striped hatching on the deposited plan shall cease to be a trunk road and shall be classified as a prinicipal road as from the date when this Order comes into force.
        2.    In this Order—

        (1)  all measurements of distance are measured along the route of the relevant highway;

       (i) "the deposited plan" means the plan numbered HA 10/EM31 marked "The A158 Trunk Road (Lincolnshire) (Detrunking) Order 1991" signed by authority of the Secretary of State and deposited at the Department of Transport, Romney House, 43 Marsham Street, London SW1P 3PY;
       (ii) "principal road" as a classification for a highway, means that the highway is a principal road for the purposes of enactments and instruments which refer to highways classified for the purpose of every other enactment and instrument which refers to highways classified by the Secretary of State; and
       (iii) "the trunk Road" means A158 Trunk Road.

        3.    This Order shall come into force on 15th February 1991 and may be cited as the A158 Trunk Road (Lincolnshire) (Detrunking) Order 1991.

Signed by authority of the Secretary of State for Transport

D.J. Morrison

Regional Director, East Midland Region, Department of Transport

17th January 1991


[1] 1980 c. 66.

[2] S.I. 1981/238.

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