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Statutory Instrument 1994 No. 134

The A23 Trunk Road (Brighton Road, Croydon) (Prohibition of Right Turn and U-Turn) Order 1994

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1994 No. 134


The A23 Trunk Road (Brighton Road, Croydon) (Prohibition of Right Turn and U-Turn) Order 1994

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Made24th January 1994
Coming into force29th January 1994

    The Secretary of State for Transport, in exercise of the powers conferred by section 6(1) and (3) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984[1], and of all other powers, enabling him in that behalf and after consultation with the Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis pursuant to section 7(6) of that Act[2], hereby makes the following Order:
        1.    This Order may be cited as the A23 Trunk Road (Brighton Road, Croydon) (Prohibition of Right Turn and U-Turn) Order 1994 and shall come into force on 29th January 1994.
        2.    In this Order—
      "Brighton Road" means that length of the A23 Trunk Road in the London Borough of Croydon known as Brighton Road;

      "central reserve" means that part of Brighton Road which separates its two carriageways for the safety and guidance of vehicles using that road between its junction with Purley Road and a point 46 metres south-west of its junction with Purley Knoll; and

      "Purley Knoll" means the road of that name in the London Borough of Croydon. 3.Save as provided in article 4 below, no person shall cause or permit any vehicle
         (a) proceeding in Brighton Road to make a right turn into Purley Knoll;
         (b) having entered Brighton Road from Purley Knoll to proceed in any direction other than north-eastwards; or
         (c) proceeding south-westbound in Brighton Road to make a U-turn at the south-western extremity of the central reserve so as to proceed in the opposite direction. 4.Nothing in this Order shall apply to anything done with the permission or at the direction of a constable in uniform or of a traffic warden.

Signed by authority of the Secretary of State for Transport

P. J. Bevis

A Grade 6 Officer London Regional Office of the Department of Transport

24th January 1994

ISBN 0 11 043134 0


[1] 1984 c. 27; section 6(1) was amended by the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 (c. 22), section 168 and Schedule 8, paragraph 21(2).

[2] Section 7(6) was amended by paragraph 3 of Schedule 7 to the Road Traffic Act 1991 (c. 40).

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